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Au Pair FAQs

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I submitted a wrong email address. What should I do?

The email address is the only detail in your profile that you can’t change on your own. Send us a message through our contact form with your account ID number and your valid email address. We will help you as soon as we receive your message.

Why can’t I introduce my contact details in the letters?

There are two main reasons. Firstly, it is your security. AuPair.com checks all registered users on a daily basis. Fake accounts are usually blocked within minutes, but even a small delay allows scammers to proceed further. Your visible contact details can leak this way and fall into the wrong hands. Be careful when you are sharing contact and personal details.

The second reason is our payment policy.

How long does it take for Premium Membership to get activated?

It depends on the payment method. If you use credit card or PayPal, the account will be upgraded right away. Sometimes you might need to log in once again to your profile to get the access to all advanced features of the Au Pair service.
If you send money through a bank transfer, your account will be upgraded within 1-2 days after the payment receipt. You can always contact us after making the payment. We will upgrade your account for few days in advance!
Western Union payments are the most troublesome ones. You need to provide us with all the details required to pick up your payment. We need a transfer control number, your name, surname, country, email address and possibly your account ID number. In such cases, the accounts will be upgraded within one week after the payment receipt.

Do I need to cancel Premium Membership?

No. Our Premium Membership is a one-off payment and after reaching the end date it expires on its own. You don’t need to do any cancellations. If you don’t make another payment to extend your membership, we will never charge your account.

I won’t use AuPair.com for a while. Can I deactivate my account?

Of course you can. You need to enter your account settings and deactivate your account there. You can always reactivate it if you need it in future.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by entering your profile and clicking the last record in the second menu. You can also drop us a message about stopping the service through our contact form.
Your account will disappear from Google search results within a few weeks after deletion. If you would like to refund any payment done at AuPair.com, don’t delete your account after submitting this type of request. We will need to check your case according to our refund policy, thus we need your account active.

Who should pay for the travel expenses?

We recommend Host Families to help Au Pairs with travel expenses, though it’s not their obligation to do so. In any situation, the Au Pair needs to cover the travel costs initially. If the Host Family would like to support the Au Pair, the family can repay the ticket price in monthly installments that will be added to the Au Pair’s salary during 10 months. In the case of Au Pair USA and China, the ticket will be covered by the Host Family.
We recommend to discuss this topic before the Au Pair’s arrival and note down the conditions in the Au Pair contract. Learn more about other Au Pair costs involved to participate in the program or Host Family costs for hosting an Au Pair.

How can an Au Pair get a visa?

AuPair.com is an online matching agency, therefore this question is beyond our scope of responsibility. But we will do our best to help here, anyway!
Usually the best source of information is the embassy of the host country placed in Au Pair’s homeland. Requirements vary depending on both Au Pair’s nationality and host country, but usually a letter of invitation from the Host Family and signed contract are both needed to start the visa application. Other documents may be different depending on each individual case, and in case of the US assistance of local full-service Au Pair agency is also necessary.

Do you check your users?

Yes! Although as online matching agency we can’t interview them personally, we do our best to check as many details as possible. Nonetheless, AuPair.com follows the same rules as many other Internet communities. To ensure that you are in touch with a real, reliable person, arrange a video-call and ask about all important details in person. If you ever feel uneasy, contact us! We will be glad to share our feedback about any user if you found him/her suspicious.

How to avoid scammers?

If you are contacted by someone who seems to be unreliable, pay attention to the following:
  • Email address in the profile picture.
  • You have been asked to make a transfer through MoneyGram, Western Union, or to set up some deposit account.
  • You have been contacted by some agency or a lawyer. They might have sent you a visa application or sample contract.
  • Someone advises you to pay rent for a flat.
  • The Au Pair just asked you to pay for the flight ticket. Although some Au Pairs expect Host Families to help them with travel costs, there are certain rules of cost refund.
  • The Host Family contacts you on Facebook.

Above are mentioned the most popular scam situations. If you confront any of these before our administrators, please get in touch with us so we can take measures against scammers.  Learn more about Au Pair scam schemes that might happen.

I can’t access my account. What has happened?

Either there is something wrong with your login details or the account was blocked by our administrators. In the first case, try to reset your password and access the account once again. If our system informs you that the account has been blocked, get in touch with us through our contact form!  

How can I contact a Host Family?

You need to visit the Host Family’s profile and drop a message there. If the family is a Premium Member, they will be able to read your message and answer it in no time. You can also add a Host Family to your hotlist. The families will immediately get notifications that you are interested!

Can you help me with paperwork and placement process?

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with it. We are an online matching agency, thus we can’t interfere in your searching or placing process.
We are happy to provide you with all our searching and matching tools and the information about the Au Pair experience. As our platform is available worldwide, we are unable to take care of all the applications we get daily.
Feel free to use our service to visit your dream destination and find a great Host Family. We will be also glad to get your feedback! If you have any ideas or comments, get in touch with us.

How long does it take to find a Host Family?

It depends on several factors. Fill your profile and make it attractive for other users. Check that you meet Au Pair  requirements set by the Au Pair program. Be active and contact 20-30 Host Families per day. While contacting the Host Families make also sure that you fulfil the family’s expectations. Be active, open minded and try to convince families that time spent with you will be once-in-a-lifetime experience for their kids! As a rule, it takes from one week up to few months to find a Host Family.

Can I become an Au Pair?

Au Pair program accepts participants who meet mainly education, family and age requirements. Please take a look at the full list of Au Pair requirements.  If you meet them, register as an Au Pair today and find a Host Family that matches your criteria.

I can’t send a request to a Host Family. Why?

Most probably, it happened due to the Host Family’s preferences. The Host Family might be searching Au Pairs from specific countries, thus they receive only requests matching their criteria. Though such cases happen rarely, remember that Au Pair program is about cultural exchange. Get in touch with other suitable families and check out our Au Pair guide to find a Host Family faster.

Can I modify my Au Pair profile?

Yes. You can always modify your profile either from the main page or by following the links below:

To change your profile picture, set a number for each photo. The lowest number will be your profile picture:

  • (0) – profile picture,
  • (1) – second picture,
  • (2) – third picture.

To modify your e-mail address, drop us a message.

My Au Pair stay went wrong! Can you help me?

We recommend to have an honest conversation with your Host Family about the problems occurred and find a solution together. Most of the troubles can be resolved through communication and feedback!

If you can’t find a way out, you can consider contract termination. We recommend you to respect the notice period, that is mentioned in your Au Pair contract. During this time both you and your Host Family can find an alternative solution. E.g. you can reactivate your profile at AuPair.com and try to find another Host Family. Be supportive to each other in any case.
AuPair.com can’t help you personally in this case as we are an online matching agency with no external offices in the host countries.

I want to be an Au Pair in the US! What should I do?

Au Pair Program in USA has specific requirements. One of them is a mandatory registration through a full-service agency. There is a special list of agencies recognized by the US Government and entitled to help you with J-1 visa. AuPair.com can help you find a Host Family, though further documentation and formalities should be done through a local US agency.

What’s the difference between Premium and Basic accounts?

Basic Membership is free. It gives you the possibility to browse Au Pair profiles on the website and send standard messages to our members.
Premium Membership offers you possibility to create free form messages. It’s the quickest way to find an Au Pair, because you can send personalized messages and exchange contact details with all Au Pairs.

How can I contact an Au Pair?

You need to visit the Au Pair’s profile and drop there a message. You can also add an Au Pair to your hotlist. In both cases, the Au Pair will get notifications from you instantly. If you have a basic account, you can send standard invitations to Au Pairs. Premium Membership allows personalized messages as well.

How long does it take to find an Au Pair?

It depends on several factors. Make sure your profile is full and interesting for other users. Make sure that you meet Host Family requirements set by Au Pair program. Be active and contact about 20-30 Au Pairs per day. If you follow the three tips above you can find a suitable match within one to four weeks. Check out our Host Family guide for more advice and ideas how to find an Au Pair faster.

What are the requirements to host an Au Pair?

There are three most important requirements: Au Pair accommodation, full board and monthly/weekly sum of pocket money. We recommend to go through the full list of requirements for Host Families. If you meet them, you can register as a Host Family today and find an Au Pair that matches your criteria.

Can I modify my Host Family profile?

Yes. You can always make required changes in your profile either from the main page or by following the links below:

To change your profile picture, set a number for each photo. The lowest number will be your profile picture:

  • (0) – profile picture,
  • (1) – second picture,
  • (2) – third picture.

We can’t get along with our new Au Pair. What should we do?

Try to speak honestly with your Au Pair about the problems occurred and find a solution together. Most of the troubles can be solved through feedback and conversation!

If the case is too serious and you can’t find a way out, you can terminate the contract. Don’t forget about the notice period, that is mentioned in your Au Pair contract. During this time both sides can find a solution to the problem. Try to be supportive to each other in such cases.

What if I don’t want to get everybody’s notification?

You have the possibility to block some countries. Au Pairs from these countries won’t be able to contact you as long as you don’t contact them first. It’s one of our anti-spam systems that helps to save some time and effort.
For more information about Au Pair experience, check our Au Pair dictionary.
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